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Hot Rod class is for all vehicles with moderate modifications and the type of vehicles you see out cruising on Saturday night.


This class is open to full bodied vehicles including cars, pickup trucks, street rods, muscle cars, mini trucks, etc.


Modifications are allowed including turbochargers, superchargers and nitrous.


Chassis modifications are allowed such as tubbed rear ends with big tires, roll bars, wheelie bars, etc.


Open Headers are OK.


No tube chassis race cars allowed.


Hood scoops allowed. Vehicles without hoods require a metal cover over carburetors (i.e. air cleaner, metal scoop).


Street tires only, D.O.T. Slicks, with final say at the registration, race director, or tech inspector’s discretion.



Power Adders (Nitro, Pro Charger, Super Charger, or Turbo.)


Hot Rod class vehicles must pass NHRA style tech inspection.


Class is run heads up on a full .500 tree (blink, blink, blink, GREEN!).


HELMETS MANDATORY, Snell 2000 or higher




Non-Power Adders.

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