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Becoming a 66 Street Drags Sponsor

The Kingman Rt. 66 Street Drags is a truly multi-media event, affording your company many paths to significant brand exposure through the multiple sponsorship levels being offered. Traditional on-site exposure for sponsors through normal venue bannering plus our banner fencing and signage is augmented by the back lighted signs heralding the Title Sponsor and the two Premium Lane Sponsors. In addition, our two professional announcers will (depending on the level of sponsorship) regularly announce the participating sponsors brands, and those at the upper level will be “interviewed” live at the venue during the race event and provided display area at the event.


Pre-event print media will include event display and advertising in the local and regional newspapers beginning in September 2021.  Tri State Motor News, a dedicated regional motorsports free magazine, will publish a “Kingman Rt. 66 Street Drags Souvenir Edition” that will devote entirely to the event. It will have featured articles on selected sponsoring companies (based on sponsorship package) and contain ads for sponsoring businesses. This will be the official publication of the event, and 12,000 issues will be distributed throughout the surrounding area. Distribution will begin in September 2021 and continue to the event date. An additional 13,000 issues will be handed out free at the venue gates to spectators during the event as the “official program” and will include editorial content of interest to the public and event schedules and information to enhance their enjoyment of the Kingman Rt. 66 Street Drags.


Our radio broadcast partner will air event commercials on their radio stations covering the high desert areas between Las Vegas and Southern California and Arizona. These commercials will begin in September 2021 and ramp up as the event draws near. Upper level sponsors will have the opportunity of hosting pre-event functions (pre-tech inspection) at their businesses with live remote radio broadcast included.


We are working to make that a significant value to our sponsors. Facebook, instagram and our website will feature links to our sponsors (and as we gain more, we will update the site) along with all the information participants and spectators will require to sign up for the event. Regular updates will be provided on the site and during the event, as well as live streaming and audio from our announcers to increase our viewers experience.  We will include commercials (either supplied to us or live) for our sponsors of a frequency and duration to be determined by their level of sponsorship and package. With over 15,000 spectators expected and 300 participants The Kingman Rt. 66 Street Drags is the opportunity for exposure your business can’t afford to miss out on!!