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About Route 66 Street Drags

The Kingman Rt. 66 Street drags is as unique an event as there can be.


We will be closing down Rt 66/Andy Devine in the middle of Kingman, Az, for over a week! We will hold the 1/8 mile drag race right down the middle of Ol’ 66!


There will be a full timing system, with reaction times, 60’ times, 330’ times and 1/8-mile times and speed. This is as real of a “street race” as you can have! The difference is there will be all the safety equipment in place that you would find at a “purpose built” track. Plus, it’s legal!! We have a City permit to conduct this annual event. But don’t kid yourself, it is still a street race! And if you want to win this race, you're going to have to be the person who can get down this street the fastest! There will be three days of drag racing starting on Friday at noon and run until 9pm. Friday will be your chance to tune your ride to best handle the street. Runs will be with an old-fashioned flag starter, giving homage to the history of drag racing. The timing system will still give you your incremental times. Time slips will be cut in half and no times will be posted on the scoreboards.


On Saturday the racing schedule is from 9am to 10pm with all runs counting as time trials. After everyone gets their two-time trials, we will determine the “Quick 8” in each class. The “Quick 8” will go on to complete for the championship of each class. At this point on Saturday, everyone else will now run the “Grudge Class” for the rest of the event. Finals for all classes will be run on Sunday.


Sunday’s schedule is from 9am to 4pm. In between each round of competition, we will run the “Grudge Class” non-stop. The “Grudge Class” is the way racers from different classes get to match up and race. (Diesel truck runs against a Ford Mustang as an example.) It is the best way to call someone out and solve who is the fastest once and for all! For the racers who survive the “Quick 8” and wins the Title of “Champion” in each class, will take home a cash prize and a custom-built trophy to culminate a historic weekend and what promises to be the biggest legal street race ever! Entries are limited to the first 300 paying entrants. Don’t miss out on this history making legal street race!

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