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Welcome to “Kingman Rt 66 Street Drags” presented by NAPA.

Rules have all been updated, are current and should be read to make sure you will comply.



1. DRIVERS CAUGHT DRINKING ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED WITH NO REFUND. Alcohol and glass containers are not allowed in the pits. No one with a driver’s wrist band can purchase or be in possession of any alcoholic beverage. Drivers wrist band must be on driver's left wrist.


2. Report to tech as soon as possible after entering the facility. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO STAGE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TECH STICKER ON YOUR VEHICLE. Basic requirements: seat belts, battery hold down, radiator overflow catch can, all lug nuts in place, good brakes, remove wheel covers (do not race with hub caps or wheel covers in place), no fluids leaking from the vehicle


3. CLEARLY mark your car number on both side windows and the top right corner of the windshield in 6" to 8" tall numerals before you are called to the starting line. You cannot run one car in a second class except the Grudge Class. Also, one driver cannot drive two vehicles in eliminations. You will be disqualified.


4. No refunds once you make a run down the track, if you break during time trials you can run your tow vehicle. You will be allowed a time trial in the substitute vehicle providing you will not exceed your allotted time trials. You MUST race in a class that fits your vehicle. Substitute vehicle must pass tech. If you break in eliminations, you cannot substitute another vehicle. If you cannot return for the next round of competition, the racer that you just beat cannot take your place.


5. Drivers in all classes except JR. DRAGSTER must have a valid driver's license and be at least 16 years of age.


6. Speed limit on return road is 15 MPH. Return road shall NOT be used for vehicle testing of any type. NO BURN OUTS NO EXCEPTIONS.


7. The "TREE" will be set .500 full tree for all classes except Unlimited and Bike/Jr Dragster they will run a .400 Pro Tree.


8. DEEP STAGING is not permitted. If you turn the "stage" light off after your opponent has staged you are disqualified. *Loss of ANY fluid, parts, trash or major body components may result in disqualification at the discretion of the Starter.




10. All Drivers and Crew must sign waiver sheet!!! Crew members in the burnout area must be at least 16 years of age. Any crew member under 16 must remain in tow vehicle at all times. Bicycles, Golf Carts, Motorcycles and 4 wheelers may be used for transportation in the pit area and return road only. SPEED LIMIT IS FIVE (5) MPH! Persons operating vehicles must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid driver's license and be insured. Improper use of these vehicles may result in expulsion from the facility and forfeiture of entry fees. Any vehicle used for towing or pit transportation must have a valid event sticker affixed to it. Stickers available with tech inspection.


11. In elimination rounds, you are disqualified if you "red light" or if you touch or cross the track centerline or the wall. In cases of two (2) infractions on the same run, the "FIRST OR WORSE" rule will be invoked; for example, if someone red lights but the second vehicle crossing the centerline the vehicle that crossed the center line loses even if this was the second infraction.


12. HARD BRAKING WHICH CAUSES ANY TIRE TO SKID at any point during ANY run will result in disqualification at the discretion of the starter.


13. A "BYE RUN" is when you have no opponent. You can get only one (1) Bye Run in eliminations per race day. It is okay to breakout or red light on a Bye Run, but you may not cross the center line or come in contact with the wall, or you can choose to not run at all.


14. A "COMPETITION SINGLE" is when your opponent could not pull to the line within the allotted time after being directed to do so by the Stager or Starter. Contestants can get more than one Competition Single, but only one (1) Bye Run is allowed per race day. On a competition single, (your opponent does not show) you must cross the finish line after receiving the green light to advance to the next round. NOTE: red lights do not matter in these situations.


15. CONDUCT RULE: All racing related complaints are to be directed to the RACE DIRECTOR. Do not go to the starter or any other track staff. It is important to realize that mishaps will take place. PLEASE keep a cool head, talk and behave in a sportsmanlike manner, not only to staff, but fellow racers as well. Anyone using foul language or acting in an abusive manner will be ejected from the event.


16. Competitors will be called to the staging area BY CLASSES for time trials and elimination rounds. All lanes will be used for staging each class. Run order and lane assignment will be made by the race director during elimination rounds.


17. PIT PARKING: Pit parking is for Tow vehicle, trailer and Race vehicle ONLY. Additional vehicles with racer must park in spectator parking area.


18. ENTRY FEE IS FOR VEHICLE AND DRIVER AND ONE CREW MEMBER. Any crew members going to the starting line must have proper credential, obtained at racer registration. Any crew member that is under 16 must remain in the tow vehicle at all times while on the track.




20. FUEL SYSTEMS: Fuel filler necks located inside trunk must have filler neck vented to outside of body. All batteries, fuel lines, pumps, or filler necks located inside the trunk require complete bulkhead of at least .024 steel or .032 aluminum to isolate driver compartment from trunk. Fuel lines must be located outside of driver's compartment. No plastic or glass fuel filters. Maximum of 12 inches of rubber hose in fuel line.


21. BATTERIES: Vehicles with batteries located in other than stock location must have kill switch at rear of vehicle. Batteries must be securely mounted in stock location, and if relocated, must be mounted with minimum 3/8" bolts to frame of vehicle. Batteries located in trunk or hatch are must have metal firewall same as fuel cell requirements.


22. DRIVELINE: All vehicles running slicks must have driveshaft safety loop mounted within 6" of front of drive-shaft.


23. TRANSMISSIONS: Positive reverse lock out device and functional neutral safety switch MANDATORY.


24. LIQUID OVERFLOW: Minimum 16 oz. catch can for coolant overflow.


25. ROLL BARS: Required in vehicles running 7.50 or quicker (1/8 mile). All convertibles/open vehicles such as T buckets, running 7.50 or quicker (1/8 mile).


26. HELMETS: REQUIRED for all drivers. Helmets must meet Snell 2010 rating or better. Seat belts mandatory for all drivers and vehicles requiring roll bars must have 5 point Safety harness.


27. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING: Drivers must be fully clothed. Must have long pants and long sleeves on, cannot have tank tops, shorts, or sandals. Vehicles quicker than 7.50 must wear SFI Clothing appropriate to the vehicle performance.







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